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    Pheonix Herp Society

    Not sure if this is in the right forum topic or not. Just wanted to know if anyone has heard of them or been there before. Pretty amazing place in my opinion. Supposedly one of only two accredited reptile/exotic animal, sanctuary/rescue in the U.S. So if there is an major criminal bust...
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    reptile rescue

    Does anyone know a good way to look up reptile or exotic pet rescues? I cant really seem to find one in the Pheonix, Arizona area. There has gotta be at least one with how big the metro area is.
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    Gecko of some sort

    I saw this gecko a while back at an expo that I thought was pretty cool. I have been trying to find the species. Similar in shape to leopard geckos. They didn't have a name for it at the booth except for the scientific name which is why I cant remember what it is. The thing that caught my eye...
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    mostly black columbian

    Saw this add while just browsing out of boredom. I have not seen one this dark before so I thought I would post it. http://market.kingsnake.com/detail.php?cat=115&de=830261
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    what is LTC?

    I was reading about tree monitors for sale and they kept saying they are very LTC, anyone know what this means? All i could think of was long term care but that wouldnt make sense the way they used it in a sentence.
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    Super Reptile Show

    Anyone here going? It's in San Diego CA and they advertise it as the biggest in the world.
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    Outdoor housing in AZ

    I have been interested in Tegus for some time now, since I saw one several years ago. I recently moved to the Pheonix area of Arizona and was thinking about getting one. Biggest issue would be cage/enclosure and I wanted some opinions about an outdoor one with the weather here. It averages...