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  1. Z

    Dominos without the mess

    thats pretty cool. i was just messing with it <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.drawminos.com/index.html?id=133915" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;">http://www.drawminos.com/index.html?id=133915</a><!-- m -->
  2. Z

    dead chat room?

    hey. i just started using mIRC again which logs me in to a lot of chat rooms. one of them is the tegutalk chat room and i noticed that nobody is ever in it anymore. what happened to all the people who used to be regulars in the chat room? it used to be one of the most popular reptile chat rooms...
  3. Z

    Lola the Olde English Bulldogge

    awesome Matt! she is a great looking dog! im glad to hear you are still doing good.
  4. Z

    1st baby Jewelled

    any more news about these?
  5. Z

    back again!

    hey! for some reason i keep forgetting about this forum. i havent been active on any reptile forums lately. im going to try to remember to come back here more often. hows everyone doin?! me and all my animals are doin pretty good. Lily (firebellied toad) died recently :( . i had her for about...
  6. Z

    The "what can destroy this" game!

    oops. this one is towards the fire one... you beat me to it.
  7. Z

    can you identify this lizard

    nice picture. thats a cuban knight anole
  8. Z

    Weber's Sailfin Dragon for a good price (i think)

    i thought some of you might be interested in this, it seemed like a really good price to me. an almost 2 year old Weber's Sailfin Dragon for 200$. it is missing a good part of its tail. <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://sailfindragon.com/forsalewebers.html"...
  9. Z

    Crested Gecko Breedin'

    the morphs of the geckos that you breed doesnt really matter. the hatchlings will be random for the most part. here is a picture of my first crested gecko. this is Zazu
  10. Z

    My new Pup :)

    what an awesome mix! that is going to be a big dog in the future!
  11. Z

    Another Free tegu contest!!

    oh i thought i had won for sure lol ;) congrats to the winner! what did you pick?
  12. Z


    Re: TEGUTALK T-SHIRT & CAP PRE-ORDER 2009!!!!! you all know that you want these amazing shirts! here is a close up of mine! (took this pic for a tegu giveaway thread)
  13. Z

    New Member + Pics

    welcome to the forum!
  14. Z

    Need to sell my baby have to move anyone interested?

    ah i wish my parents would let me get one! your only an hour and a half away from where i live. they have already said no lizards bigger than our bearded dragon though :( i hope you find someone to buy her from you.
  15. Z

    This is a German article written on Bert Langerwerf

    i didnt read it all (mostly because reading translated stuff gives me a headache) but the little bit that i did read and the pictures were awesome!
  16. Z

    Central PA Reptile Expo - May 16th

    im going to this! is anybody else from this site going?
  17. Z

    tegu pics please!!!

    wow! he is the biggest, nicest looking normal i have seen! i didnt think normals got big jowls like that.
  18. Z

    1000 MEMBERS!

    Yabba-Dabba-Doo! :app :woot :fiwo :cheers :roon this site has come a long ways since i joined! (im member number 151) :-D
  19. Z

    Fluffy loves some salad! (pics)

    i fed fluffy a nice big salad this morning because we had all the stuff. he loved it. i hadnt ever seen attack a salad like that! he ate a bunch of the squash off of it and now he is back to basking. i took pictures! :) what do you think?!
  20. Z

    tegu pics please!!!

    i think Roy is an Extreme Giant. im probably wrong though lol. he just looks bigger than any b/w that i have seen.