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  1. Mich lady

    Have to part with my lizards

    I have two bearded dragons for removing. Both female. One is 5 yes old and is a citrus. The other is almost two years old and is just regular morph. Also I have a male Savannah monitor. Very friendly and curious. He is about 7 months old. About 17 inches long . I really can't afford them...
  2. Mich lady

    Need another lizard.

    I would love to have a black throat monitor. Anyone know where I can get one or does someone have one for sale? Ive been looking for months but they are all out of stock . I'd prefer to adopt one that someone can't care for anymore. I have the room for one.
  3. Mich lady

    Lazy lizard

    my Savannah Elias wrapped up after his bath. Spoiled thing.
  4. Mich lady

    bath day.

    here is roman soaking in the bath. He has been having a bad shed the past month.he is getting really big. Time for a bigger enclosure.
  5. Mich lady

    Its a boy!

    Found out my 5month old Savannah monitor is definitely a male. He showed me while he was having a bath the other day. Lol
  6. Mich lady

    Big Savannah

    This is elias my 5 month old Savannah monitor. Just chillin on my shoulder. I'm not sure if its he or she. I'm leaning towards he.he has the looks and characteristics of a male Savannah. I'm been working with him to try and get him to be calm. He is really sweet. But hisses and spits at me...
  7. Mich lady


    my male tegu roman woke up at 4 am this morning. He took a large poop. Then he kept wandering around his enclosure looking like he was straining to poop again. It looked like a large pinkish mass was coming out of his vent. I assume this is a prolapse? He was very uncomfortable, running around...
  8. Mich lady

    Bottomless pit

    Roman is a little under 2 years old and he is 40 inches long. I try to feed him every other day .sometimes ill give him a small snack on the off day. However he wants to eat all the time. He scarfs down anything I give him. He was never a really big eater but now ,wow! I assume this is because...
  9. Mich lady

    My new addition

    got a baby Savannah monitor on April 6,2020. Took a picture on April 9. Just took an updated pic yesterday June 20. He has grown quite a bit in 2 1/2 months.
  10. Mich lady


    Roman has the right idea. He is just comfortably chilling on a rainy day. He gives zero f's
  11. Mich lady

    Growing up

    Roman my 18 month old tegu has dropped sperm plugs. He is also in a shed. He is not cranky or acting any different. But he doesn't seem to have much of an appetite the past week. Is this normal? I'm assuming it is ,just wanted to make sure
  12. Mich lady

    New addition

    Roman has a new friend. However, they cannot meet face to face. I got a baby Savannah monitor. His or her name is Elias. So adorable and tiny. Fiesty little thing too. Eats like a champ.
  13. Mich lady

    Being roman

    Roman soaks up the sunbeams Ray's while practicing social distancing. He is a very compliant lizard. Stay safe everybody!
  14. Mich lady

    Just chillin

    Roman is relaxing during the shelter in place. He is getting big and chubby. And his jowls are forming. He is a goofball.
  15. Mich lady

    Growing like a weed

    Roman is getting bigger everyday. He eats like crazy. I have noticed his jowls are starting to develop. Would he be considered a sub adult now? And if so. Approximately how old would he be? I'm thinking possibly 2 years old? I got him as a juvenile last june.
  16. Mich lady

    Lizard bath time

    Roman is having a good soak in the tub. He is shedding, it's one big piece of loose old skin from his neck to his back legs. Top and bottom. He is a happy content guy.
  17. Mich lady

    Tegu getting big

    Well,roman has grown a lot! He is very sweet. Sleeps alot these days of winter. Had to get a pic. He is so cute!
  18. Mich lady

    Tegus are funny.

    Hi all, happy new year. Today I let Roman out to wander around my room. He was going over by night stand. He likes to hide under there. I put a small towel down by the stand and a few minutes later I watched him pick the towel up in his mouth and crawl under the night stand he likes to cover...
  19. Mich lady

    Cute new pic of Roman.

    He decided to find the dustiest place in the closet to explore. I just love his cute tegu face!