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  1. AlphaAlpha


    Hey all ....... I've just bought loads of broken cuttlefish bone to throw in Alphas enclosure as its extremely high in calcium and I thought Alpha could lick and maybe nibble it....... Has anyone else heard or tried this?? I know you can do this for bird and turtles etc...... plus its an extra...
  2. AlphaAlpha

    Strange Question I know......haha

    Has anyone ever used a cat flap for their tegu or heard of anyone that has done so or have any reason why not to do so??? To go from one part of the enclosure to another?? From an indoor to outdoor enclosure?? to separate and lock sections off?? Any advice appreciated.
  3. AlphaAlpha

    I want it , I want it

    Dam look at the coloration on this colombian WoWzers
  4. AlphaAlpha

    Interesting facts.

    I just read an article about different types of Tupinambis when i thought there was just Tupinambis teguixin (Colombian black and white, gold tegu, common tegu)... The others are: Tupinambis longilineus (Rhondonia tegu) Tupinambis palustris (swamp tegu) Tupinambis quadrilineatus...
  5. AlphaAlpha

    Quail eggs

    Alphas just got his first delivery of free quail eggs for the year.
  6. AlphaAlpha

    escaping every few days.

    My little (not so little) genious has found away out of his enclosure so I don't even know he has escaped and every few days now I return from work to find his enclosure empty and him hiding in his favourite spot in my sofa. I don't actually mind this as theres nowhere he can escape out of my...
  7. AlphaAlpha

    Message to all

    A TEGU is for life not just for Christmas:D:tegu::D:tegu::D
  8. AlphaAlpha

    Any ideas ???

    Came home from work the other day to Alpha in mid shed and noticed on the back of his neck a patch of dull scales... all shed came away good and looked normal.... He doesn't look saw or flinch if I touch it but there is a definite difference and it's never happened before.... All info or...
  9. AlphaAlpha

    Whoop whoop .....finally done Alphas new forever home

    4 x 5 x 2 foot ..... old wardrobe dropped on its back, lined with pond liner and sealed accordingly, 3 compartments and harder than first thought but hopefully gone overboard and this will last his life time....few finishing touches to do the trim front windows off and lights e.t.c :D:cool::tegu:
  10. AlphaAlpha

    Hay for substrate

    Has anyone ever used HAY in the mixture for Substrate? Or have any valid reason why it couldn't be used? As dead grass I would think mixed in with soil it would form a great insulator, hold moisture and it cheap and light weight.. :D:tegu:
  11. AlphaAlpha

    New Form of Defence

    Alpha has descovered a brilliant new way of trying to get away from me .........He calls it "**** on your dad" and I'm sure he finds it real funny where as I :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::tegu:
  12. AlphaAlpha

    please vote

    do you for your 1 year + tegu ?? A) let it vacate its Viv on its own to free roam ?? or B) lift it out of the Viv it's Viv to free roam??
  13. AlphaAlpha

    Sexing pics

    Can anyone help?? Best pics I've took but still not sure they are anygood.
  14. AlphaAlpha

    A little confused why people feel the need to force their tegu into brumation??

    All animals including lizards adapt to their surroundings ...e.g wild lizards in argentina will have different habits and behaviors to the ones say in brazil or uruguay and especially colombians as they are basically a whole new species in there own right..even the difference in altitude and...
  15. AlphaAlpha

    Name change thoughts??

    I`m not too sure of the sex of AlphaAlpha and this was the name he/she already had so I was thinking of a more suitable name.... So was thinking to keep in the phonetic alphabet and also because he/she is a Colombian Tegu to be named Charlie Tango or CT for short which is also unisex what do...
  16. AlphaAlpha

    triple wardrobe conversion design

    I'm going to be converting a triple wardrobe into a new forever home for AlphaAlpha..
  17. AlphaAlpha

    uploading pics

    Why suddenly are you asking for pic URL rather than letting me browse my device for a pic???? My mistake sorted .....please remove this thread
  18. AlphaAlpha

    Temp home V`s Forever home??

    I know most will already know this as I have posted a few threads........but I have a 20" nose to tip of tail gold tegu and I`m slightly undecided what to do?? Keep him in his temp 4`X2`X2` until hes bigger and needs to upgrade to a bigger forever home?? OR Move him now whilst still a juvi...
  19. AlphaAlpha

    Put it to a vote??

    Hi guys I have a 20" ish gold tegu ..... Now as a rule I haven`t being letting him/her out as when I first got it ,He/her escaped and just went from pillar to post hiding and was tricky to keep tabs on and I was scared of loosing him/her and didn`t want to be continuesly chasing it around.. but...
  20. AlphaAlpha

    whoop whoop... making progress

    Hi Guys n Gals.... Just thought I'd add some pics and tell everyone that AlphaAlpha has being a brave little tegu this morning and let me stroke him several times without freaking and sprinting away at top speed, he even kept coming back and investigating me more...