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    Help! I don’t know what this is.

    He’s 11 months old and just over 3 feet long while growing about 2 inches a week.
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    Help! I don’t know what this is.

    My tegu was exploring my room when I saw him starting to lift his tail to poop but only a little bit came out. Then I saw him wiping his butt which he does every time after a poop, but I noticed he was doing it for longer then normal. That’s when I saw it. I long pink tube coming out of his...
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    Humidity during hibernation

    I’ve heard different things about this topic so I would like to clear this up. Do tegus need proper humidity while they are down during hibernation. I love the channel “Rose City Reptiles” and he said that tegus do not need humidity while hibernating but I have also heard other things that...
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    Baby tegu hibernation

    my 4 month old male argentine black and white tegu has gone down for hibernation but I’m worried that this will make him a smaller adult. Is this true? Or will he end up the same size as if he didn’t go down for hibernation? Thank you!
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    Baby tegu brumation

    if a 4 month old male tegu hibernate, will he end up smaller then a tegu that doesn’t hibernate within their first year? I know they are supposed to grow a ton in their first year.
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    Would love some information on hibernation! I can’t find anything anywhere!

    So my 4 month old tegu has been showing all the signs of going down for hibernation over the winter but I worry because the breeder I got him from said that babies within their first year won’t go down for hibernation. I also know that he has been slowing down on food and sleeping a lot. I know...