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  1. Chris & Stitches

    My two tegus skin textures are very different?

    Stitches skin is almost more of an orange peel texture though he’s obviously got scales but he has very smooth patches and Stella is very scaly and defined.stitches skin is just leathery is this normal? My humidity is in a constant controlled range of 66%-77% and he eats a lot he’s big and fat...
  2. Chris & Stitches

    Got another Gu

    So yesterday was a super lucky day, especially for my new tegu.... her name is Stella , but anyways, my brother came by my place yesterday and we were fantasizing about if I was to get another tegu upon the opportunity.i told him I would if it wasn’t small because I wouldn’t want to go through...
  3. Chris & Stitches


    Stitches is now 30” long, and seems healthy, but he still will not eat anything other than live mice.his personality and behavior are perfect so I don’t want to try force feeding him.he just will not eat vegetables or cut meats or anything.he took one bit of scrambled egg months back but that’s...
  4. Chris & Stitches

    How many mice has your tegu ate in one meal?

    Just curious how much other tegus will eat, stitches is 23 inches and is just short of one pound and I’m feeding live hoppers.they are about 1.5-2 inches long and he eats about 16 a week right now.2-3 a day every day(today he ate 4 for the first time and never slowed down)-this batch is also...
  5. Chris & Stitches

    What I’ve learned so far as a tegu owner!!

    So, I’ll start by saying NOBODY should believe anything they have read about “tegus” on the internet.care tips are pretty on point, but the rest is irrelevant from what I’ve learned.here are three things you’re told to avoid that I’ve found otherwise 1- avoid eye contact with your lizard 2-...
  6. Chris & Stitches

    First time tegu owner as of today

    Well, long story short,my name is Chris and I now have a B&W tegu.His name is stitches.but if you like a little more of the story, my dad and I used to have a pair of decent size Burmese pythons, (16ft and 14 ft) and we loved them, but I always joked about getting a tegu and my dad would lose it...