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  1. Mikeiam

    Tegu stuck shed

    Ash usually always sheds good her tail and face usually last an rn she’s having some trouble shedding here tail about 4-5 inches of stuck shed . Her humidity and 70-80% at all times her basking spot and everything are good so idk what could be the issue she was congested and finally poope today...
  2. Mikeiam

    Interacting with tegu

    So my tegu tolerates me and is totally docile but she has snapped at me thinking I’m food, she’s getting pretty big and I just wonder how I can interact with her more to get her use to hanging with me when she’s out an about she just try’s to find a hiding spot never wants to be around me
  3. Mikeiam


    Loves to take a nice dip after roaming
  4. Mikeiam

    How to hold

    My tegu is a lil under 3 feet and gets real squirmy when I pick her up to put her back in the back or sometimes even out of the cage . She doesn’t bite or hiss just squirms so I’m thinking I’m not making her feel secure enough ..
  5. Mikeiam

    Stuck shed

    How do I get ride of stuck shed on the top of my tegus head . Everywhere else is fine
  6. Mikeiam

    Sad day here

    Lost my tegu ! She squeezed her way into my air vents of the house and I can’t find her !! She’s been missing all night and it gets lower then 40 out side at night!! Super worried !
  7. Mikeiam

    Tegu ate her tail

    So my tegu recently got a hurt tail like it looked cut on top of her tail yesterday so today I went to check on her and she was out of her cage and had blood on her mouth and nails and her tail is gone !. Why would she eat her own tail she’s always fed everyday ! So I know she wasn’t starving ..!
  8. Mikeiam

    2 feet and 6 inchs

    I didn’t realize how big she was till I measured her
  9. Mikeiam

    Tegu trying to bite me now

    Okay so I have a 7-8 month old tegu I have had her for a little over a month and she is starting to want to bite me when I try and pet her , I feel as if she thinks my hands food but before she wasn’t like that so any advice would help
  10. Mikeiam

    Tegu lost trust?

    Hey I’ve had my tegu for going on two months now she is about 7 to eight months old and she was starting to let me hold her and not being jumpy with me when I let her roam my room , well out of no where she’s super jumpy with me and it’s like she lost the trust I built with her ? Her appetite is...
  11. Mikeiam

    Tegu not eating enough?

    I’ve seen that people say tegus will continue to eat if u feed em well my tegu does not . Matter of fact when I feed her I with thaw out two hoppers and prepared groundturkey ball the size of a half ball, and I’ll offer fruit on the side . She will eat either 1 mice and some bites of the ground...