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  1. rantology

    Best substrate?

    Equal parts cypress mulch, peat moss, and top soil makes a good combination for me. All 3 are cheaply bought at hardware stores (make sure no chemicals or dyes). I do bioactive so I do not change it out though... because of that I also added horticultural charcoal, coco fiber and a long fibered...
  2. rantology

    Still bad shedding from my red tegu male

    It sounds like you are doing a good job - keep the hide nice and moist. The only thing I would add that you are not already doing is add some Betadine to the bath soaks - that can help losen skin (it's good stuff to have on hand in general, too) How long has the shed been stuck? Is it multiple...
  3. rantology

    First time Tegu Owner

    12 inches is a little girl, likely less than 3-4 months old. If she's still active and eating then probably not brumation! Just keep your parameters up to snuff and she will let you know! ;) They have an adjustment period when you first bring them home for a few weeks where they like to hide a...
  4. rantology

    How to get your child to eat their veggies?

    I get reptilinks megablend which is 25% veggies if I remember right in every link. My other strategy is to put the tasty food on the bottom, put some fish oil on it and then shred up dandelion greens or arugula or whatever I have clipped that day into really fine, small pieces so it "sticks" to...
  5. rantology

    New at Tegu-ing

    Oh my, that's a lot to suddenly have on your plate! Can you list the equipment and enclosure the tegu currently has? Do you know how old it is (or, how big is it?) You don't need to interact much with it if you don't have to. Some tegus can be a bit aggressive and bitey so if you don't know the...
  6. rantology

    My two tegus skin textures are very different?

    Tegus do get a "winter coat" they will keep during brumation which is thicker than a normal shed. That could be the case even when they do not go down for brumation, I wonder? I have noticed the same with Darrow, he hasn't shed in a while and by now at least his tail should have gone into shed...
  7. rantology

    New tegu question

    It's quite normal - they can be settling in which can take a few weeks during which they will like to hide a lot and have a spotty appetite. It is also the start of brumation season and many gus are slowing down and sleeping so it could be the case as well. Keep offering food regularly, leave it...
  8. rantology

    Getting bigger

    they grow so insanely fast! she is looking great :)
  9. rantology

    First tegu

    I would not let the tegu and the dog interact... a little 5 lb dog, there will always be risk involved supervised or not IMO. You could probably bump the basking temp up since he's an adult to ~120-130 ... otherwise, it seems like you are off to a good start. He could be refusing food for a few...
  10. rantology


    Combine equal parts Cypress Mulch, top soil, and peat moss. Throw some long fiber sphagnum and/or horticultural charcoal in the mix if you want to as well. The first three are relatively cheaply acquired at hardware stores... Doesn't need to be horribly deep, about 8-12 inches (enough so they...
  11. rantology

    Hatchling tremors

    Good on you for acting so quickly and I'm glad it worked so fast! How old are the supplements you are using? They can expire after ~1 year (can keep better if refrigerated also)... I give mine Repashy supercal HyD on every feeding.
  12. rantology

    Hatchling tremors

    If it persists, the safest bet is to see a vet. You've done everything I would have- It's much more difficult to diagnose internal issues... Sending good vibes to you both and hope you will keep us updated
  13. rantology


    There's no wrong answer, I don't think ultimately 110 vs 130 for babies will harm them either way. Just when they are real little they have a lot less mass to heat up. There's also no "official" classification for baby VS juvenile but I'd say <6 months is more or less a baby.... For gradients-...
  14. Minor setup renovation!

    Minor setup renovation!

    decided to get a taller hide so he can properly look out his window better. Plus side I can raise the lights so they aren't hanging down so far and looking as awkward. He also instantly seemed to appreciate being able to be up higher.. and had a nice Schefflera in there but didn't quite dig the loo
  15. rantology


    Welcome, and congratulations on the new baby! :) You can ideally pick up Cypress Mulch, Top Soil, and Peat Moss at your local hardware store for a few bucks (make sure no chemicals or harmful additives) and mix 1 part each for a nice substrate that will hold moisture well & provide good...
  16. rantology

    First Tegu named Ted Bundy?

    It sounds like you are off to a fantastic start! Congratulations on that handsome little baby & welcome to the both of you :) Love RoseCity.
  17. rantology

    Tegu eats stink bug safe or not?

    If they eat it by accident, probably okay. I would not intentionally feed them wild bugs, especially things like stink bugs that use chemical defenses (to a degree) ... might not be good for their system plus the risk of introducing accidental disease or parasite.
  18. rantology

    Ventilation options in a enclosure

    I'll post some pics I took tonight below... its just a hair over 8'x4'x4'. Pardon the lump of dead grass, Darrow (or possibly poor lighting there) managed to kill that one... Again, not saying its the only way to do it by any means but it works for me and I do love the options the fans offer...
  19. rantology

    Ventilation options in a enclosure

    it can depend- sometimes it's unavoidable. For instance if you have the AC on in your house and the room temp is ~75 and the inside of the enclosure is 80-85 with very high humidity - that is going to encourage condensation especially on glass and metal. I've had that kind of issue with mine...
  20. rantology

    Ventilation options in a enclosure

    Depends a bit on the location of the enclosure. Assuming it's in a typical house environment with 20-40% RI, you want fairly small vents. I have two 4x8" vent registers on mine and that's more or less it (plus some small holes in the top where cables go in).. I also have two 140mm fans inside...