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  1. Matthew Colella

    Jumanji Picture Update

    Just a quick update on Jumanji my 1 year old argentine black and white tegu. At the time he was sleeping in the perfect position to take his picture.
  2. Matthew Colella

    Wanted: Female Blue or B&W tgeu to pair with my male

    I'm going to take a leap of faith here and try to breed some tegus. I'm looking for something around the $100-$200 price range. Thanks.
  3. Matthew Colella

    Confirmed Sex

    Jumanji is, infact, a male. Now I'm just waiting for those jowls!
  4. Matthew Colella

    Outside Agression?

    Well, yesterday I got Jumanji a new harness. He is fine with wearing it, but as soon as I take him outside and put him on the ground he goes crazy and charges me mouth gaping. He walked into my floor garden, so I bent over to get him out, and he slammed me HARD. He managed to get all my fingers...
  5. Matthew Colella

    jumanji update

    Here are just afew pics. He is now 22" and eats 1 full grown mouse every other day.
  6. Matthew Colella

    looking for a box turtle

    Hey guys, I am looking for a lil' boxie of my own so if you or anyone you know is looking to re-home a box turtle please let me know. I am in the process of making a outdoor enclosure that is 4'x6'.
  7. Matthew Colella

    Fresh Shed

    My little gu just got out of a pretty tricky shed. He looks so bright and beautiful.
  8. Matthew Colella


    Hey guys, I was wondering if jowls are gender specific.
  9. Matthew Colella


    Sorry for crappy picture quality (it was taken with a cell), but here he is in his new harness ;)
  10. Matthew Colella

    Feeder Fish?

    Hey guys an' gals, does anyone know if tegus could eat feeder fish? (guppies, goldfish, minnows etc.)
  11. Matthew Colella


    Hey all. Well today I put some moss in Jumanji's enclosure. Has anyone else put any moss in their :tegu:'s enclosure?
  12. Matthew Colella

    A Big Day

    Well today was a big day for Jumanji. First of all, he ate his first pinkie. Then he got a new harness and went outside for the first time.
  13. Matthew Colella

    No UVB

    Hi guys I was out of town fro two days and didn't have Jumanji's UVB bulb on. As soon as I got home I went to turn on his lights and one wouldn't turn on. I found him under his rock and woke him up. He was shaking pretty bad and wouldn't eat. After being under the remaining light for a bit he...
  14. Matthew Colella

    Nile or black throat?

    So I was thinking of getting either a nile or a black throat what do you guys and gals recommend?
  15. Matthew Colella

    Housing Question

    Would it be possible to keep a tegu and another monitor species together in one enclosure?
  16. Matthew Colella

    Jumanji Update

    When we got the little guy he was 9 inches. Now he is 15 inches. He has gained some weight also.
  17. Matthew Colella

    Jumanji bit me for the first time

    In his defense I had eaten chicken and forgot to wash the scent from my hand. When I put my hand in the tank, he looked like he was gonna strike like he does when he eats. I was lifting my hand out and he jumped and snagged my thumb. It slightly bled.
  18. Matthew Colella

    New food supply?

    I was wondering If tegus would eat stink bugs. Probably not, but it won't hurt to ask.
  19. Matthew Colella

    Breathing Problem

    Sometimes Jumanji will a take deep breath and hold it a few seconds then breathe again. Is that normal?
  20. Matthew Colella

    Jumanji my new hatchling.

    Unfortunately he lost his tail. Its growing in pretty quick. He LOVES crickets and super worms.