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  1. Jessicak

    It's been a while. But I have an update on Reptar

    Hey! Reptar is doing great! He's been out of brumation for about a month. Eating great, still a little picky though. He still hates baths but loves to bask. He's finally growing! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Jessicak

    Still not eating

    Hey guys! I haven't been on here in a while because I've been letting Reptar brumate and I haven't been worrying about his low appetite. But now it's almost April and since September he's hardly eaten a thing for me. His basking spot is around 120 surface temp. The ambient temp is in the high...
  3. Jessicak


    Hey guys. Some of you may know or remember, I got Reptar in September. I posted a lot about him not eating very much, and he still hasn't eaten much. He still poops every now and then when I put him in the bath tub but I'm a little bit concerned about him. He hasn't shed since I got him in...
  4. Jessicak

    Do you want ants? Because that's how you get ants

    Ants. I have little sugar ants living in my tegu enclosure. What should I do ? It's the only one they can get to and I can't keep them out :/
  5. Jessicak

    Bathing a flying tegu

    So recently, every time I put Reptar in the bath, he freaks out and tries to jump out until I take him out. I usually wait until he calms down before I take him out because I don't want to reward him for freaking out. Has the happened to anyone else?
  6. Jessicak

    Live fish

    So I know a lot of people feed their tegus fish like salmon etc. but can they eat like goldfish? Could they hunt a love goldfish? I know it's a weird question but I was just watching this video of a tegus chasing pet fish through the glass and I figured I would ask
  7. Jessicak

    New Tegu Blog

    Hi Guys! so Reptar now has his own tegu blog. Link below! https://reptarthetegu.wordpress.com/
  8. Jessicak

    Thinking about doing a contest, what do we think?

    Hi guys! I was thinking about doing a contest, but I wasnt sure how many active people would be interested. I wanted to do like a photo contest, maybe with some holiday theme? comment or message me directly if you're interested! I also wanted to do some little reptile related prize!
  9. Jessicak

    Nail clipping

    Sorry I post so much. Anyway, I was wondering if people clip their Gus nails, and if so, when do you start? Mine seems a little small and I'm worried I'll nick him unless I wait til he's bigger
  10. Jessicak

    spoiled tegu

    Okay, so today I noticed my tegu has a good feeding response when I place food in the enclosure but he never eats it. So today I put a raw egg in the dish and placed it in the tank. He ran around like crazy sniffing the air but didn't find the food. He does the same thing when I put the shrimp...
  11. Jessicak

    Wild Caught Tegus

    Hi so I was wondering if because my tegu gets huffy, does that make it more likely that he was wild caught?
  12. Jessicak

    Female reproduction

    Will females lay dud eggs when they're sexually mature, even if you want breeding?
  13. Jessicak


    Will my Tegu lose weight over the winter? He's not eating much and I'm worried that when spring hits, I'll have to do a lot of work to get him healthy again. Does hibernating make their overall health decrease?
  14. Jessicak

    How to determine age

    Hey guys, so I'm trying to figure out how old my tegu is. I got her a month ago and he/she had no green and was 18 inches long. She looks about the size of a yearling I think, but I've seen bigger tegus that were supposedly only 6months old. How do I guess about how old he or she is?
  15. Jessicak

    Gu force handling

    Hey guys, so I was just wondering that the consensus was on digging your gu out to handle him. I've heard that it's okay to get him used to you but I've also heard that it can cause trust issues. Does anyone have any stories or input?
  16. Jessicak

    Weird breathing

    So every now and then my tegu gets sort of huffy, and starts breathing heavy? Mostly I think it's when he gets scared? It happens when I dig him out of the substrate to put him in the bath or when I put my hand over him rather than under him. Is that normal?
  17. Jessicak

    Is it time?

    I got my tegu around the end of September and he has just been sleeping since I got him. Sometimes he comes out on his own every couple of days. I was just wondering if it was normal time for them to slow down, it just seems kind of early
  18. Jessicak


    How exactly do you sex them? I felt around the vent but I don't know what I'm looking for. Can you tell by looking? This is the clearest photo I could get of him/her
  19. Jessicak


    Hi guys. I wasn't sure where else to put this so I'm just going to leave it here. This is where I'm going to keep updated on my new tegu Reptar. I got him 4 days ago. I believe he's a yearling but I don't know the sex. Can't figure out how to sex them. Anyway. Today he got his own 40 gallon...
  20. Jessicak


    I'm sure it's not too unusual, but I got my tegu on Friday and he still hasn't eaten for me. If offered raw egg, hard boiled egg, a pinky, some chicken gizzards. He won't eat anything I've offered. Not even crickets or roaches