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  1. Zyn

    premade meals

    Nothing but I’d move to small mice as soon as she’s ready. they can handle more than you think my adult female takes down large rats without issue. The only issue with pinks is milk bellies and lack of any real calcium or fat. Their small bones don’t offer much. Mine has been fed whole meals...
  2. Zyn

    myster vs. fogger

    This threads like 10 years old ><
  3. Zyn

    How long does it take blue tegus to reach their full length?

    My 3 year old is about 4ft nose to tail tip
  4. Zyn

    Tegu is being aggressive

    2-3 months
  5. Zyn

    New at Tegu-ing

    If he refuses a thawed mouse then it’s either a temp issue or brumation. My female sleeps for months during brumation in a low 50s high 40s garage all winter
  6. Zyn

    Training and overall health

    Adult size puppy pads are what I use
  7. Zyn

    Tegu is being aggressive

    He thinks you’re food pretty much tru coming at him when he’s sleeping or after a meal
  8. Zyn

    Tegu is being aggressive

    Then it’s food aggression and semi normal get a plate or a snake him and kinda nudge him away. But like I said Kevin with NERDs video will cover all this they are great videos
  9. Zyn

    Tegu is being aggressive

    Watch Kevin from nerds water monitor taming videos the same principles apply. Also is he being outright aggressive or food aggressive. Do you pick him up in the same spot that you feed him. He may just not want messed with going into brumation we need more information to accurately assess the...
  10. Zyn

    How old before whole prey

    They can handle small pinks days after hatching basically go bye the width of their jaw and that’s about how big they can handle. I’ve seen my female blue take down small eats without issue they take it whole they don’t rip it apart or anything. But when I’ve had rats a bit to large I’ll usually...
  11. Zyn

    Jumping and tripoding

    If they can see out they’ll try and use it to escape covering the top would stop this
  12. Zyn

    Darrow's adult enclosure! [custom build]

    Looks great! Did you use dry lock on the inside? Also have your plants survived mine didn’t make it a day lol
  13. Zyn

    Picky eater, and skidish

    He’s pretty close to his adult color now. He may get a little more red you can’t tell with hybrids as they may take more after one of the parents. My 75% blue 25% b/w looks nearly full blue outside of her back pattern. When crossing two localities you never know. Their habits may reflect one or...
  14. Zyn

    Picky eater, and skidish

    He looks healthy you don’t want a fat baby. Have you tried taking some of the fruits out of the meat mash they aren’t huge fruit/veggie fans till older and some never are. Also at that age you should be giving him whole food once or twice a week. An appropriately sized mouse or two.
  15. Zyn

    New at Tegu-ing

    Post some pictures of the set up, lighting, heating, and the tegu and we can try and go from there with further advice
  16. Zyn

    Water monitor?

    I want a black and white phase lace but they’re stuck in aus lol no exporting from aus sadly
  17. Zyn

    New Tegu Owner

    Nice I built a small plastic pond in my enclosure like one from Lowe’s she lays in it a lot and poops in it more often that not easy clean up at least
  18. Zyn

    New Tegu Owner

    Like deb said and there are a few sticky threads above The general area of the forum. For as an example for Sevy she only eats once every two of three day’s. But her diet looks like fresh fish salmon/sardines, ground turkey with beef liver mixed on. High end canned cat food, whole prey items...
  19. Zyn

    Katie and Yzma

    Granted my females 75% blue id say she still had some girth to put on. Sevy as an example at 2 and half
  20. Zyn

    New Tegu Owner

    get him in a warm bath to get the stuck shed off. Check poops for parasites, and run your fingers down his spine something looks off. I’m not trying to sound down here but I’ve seen the animals these breeders/whole sellers bring to local reptile shows and 95% of the time they are wild...