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    1.3 Normal Ball Pythons - Local Sale - Texas

    Hey guys, haven't been around for while except to read posts here and there. I've decided to cut back on my collection and focus a bit more on other areas, so I'm offering up three females and one male for Local Sale. I HAVE been permitted to ship through my local DHL but it would be a heavy...
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    100% Het Caramel Albino Male Ball Python

    I have a 100% Het Caramel Albino male, he was produced by Adam at 8ball Pythons, I have his paperwork, so you know this is a quality bred animal. He just doesn't fit into my breeding plans. Eats great, these pictures are very recent, within a week. I'm asking $230 SHIPPED that is a STEAL...
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    **SOLD**07 Varnyard Red Tegu

    Presumed male, but unsexed high contrast red tegu available. Decided that tegus aren't for me. This guy is just out of hibernation, eats well, beautiful color and pattern. Was tame before going down, may need some work now, don't have the time for him unfortionally. Will ship, but at...
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    Happy Python

    Here's my smaller ball python after a nice big rat :D
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    Pile of mouses!

    I can't help but brag about my mouse breeding success, especially since this is the first colony I've done well with. I'm more of a rat person, I'll admit! But here ya go, some cute mouse babies aka Tegu Snacks.
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    Rodent Breeding and Keeping 101

    Knowing that many of you here feed rodents to your tegus, and many of you have other herps that eat rodents, i.e. snakes, I put together this basic guide to rodent breeding and keeping. I hope it helps! I find mice to be more difficult than rats, as they are more shy and temperamental...
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    Want to see my balls?

    Okay, so that was a bad joke, but who can resist, right? :D These pictures are old, but I will take new ones soon. Here is Lira: Here is Rosanne: And my new girl, just purchased and haven't received yet, Lovely:
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    Total Cute

    Here is Luna, my (nearly) 2 year old chihuahua. She is a spoiled little diva, but how can you resist? Come next year she will competing in Obedience trials and Agility. You don't see many chihuahuas doing that (lack of attention span, and can be difficult little buggers to train!)...
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    Pictures of Rock

    Alright guys, they've been long a'coming, but here they are, pictures of Rock, a red tegu from Bobby's stock.
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    Time to get cracking!

    Alright, I think its time I started in! To those who don't know me, I'm Kristina Epona Saucedo, and a very common sight in the chat room. I live in Texas, and have worked with reptiles, and exotic mammals all my life. Right now my collection consists of three female ball pythons, a...