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  1. Walter1

    I need guidance with my tegu!

    Good to know. Thanks.
  2. Walter1

    1 1/2 year old B & W tagu please help

    A whole mouse is hard to turn down! Not speaking personally of course.
  3. Walter1

    Coconut oil- BAD will burn skin

    Leezard, It's so nice to hear from you and grateful for your sharing your hard-earned experience. I've always been a moist sphagnum hide and fish oil booster. Good to know fruits are very helpful. Keepers might try ripe blueberries and strawberries. They're sweet. Nanners are high in potassium...
  4. Walter1

    Help! (aggressive and wobbly)

    A close look-see of his mouth shows an under-bite, a potential symptom of acute calcium deficiency.
  5. Walter1

    Chameleon cage as a temporary cage for baby tegu?

    As you can see from above voices of keen experience, everything meaningful about a tegu enclosure is wrong with that chameleon enclosure. I encourage you to read over various relevant threads here. They will help you in making the best choices for both proper housing and care for your tegu. I am...
  6. Walter1

    Anybody with tribrids on here?

    Welcome. I don't, but this forum is a good place to see if someone has and to get good husbandry info.
  7. Walter1

    Tegu tail spasmed like it was dropped

    Leave him alone for a while. It may have pinched a nerve only. Worst case scenario, it fractured and will drop.
  8. Walter1

    Night time temperature

    His hide in the 70s during active season and 60s during brumation is what to aim for. If too cool, he'll burrow closer to the heat.
  9. Walter1

    Bad pet shape

    Fresh water, a thermal gradient, basking at 110F, ambient in mid-80sF, a 70sF hide, UV, 12 hr day. A steady routine.with a worn shirt of yours in its hide. Unless underlying problems, will rally soon enough. Coat food in egg yolk as a starter. Soon, get her to a vet for a check-up. I second...
  10. Walter1

    Tegu at the vet for prolapse

    Merlot, Superb advice. You've saved your lizard andhelped others. New tegu + vet check a good combination.
  11. Walter1

    Fl Tegu rehome to a good home

    Hello, Where are you located? Price? Can ship? Picture? Answers will help in rehoming.
  12. Walter1

    Tegu still in hibernation- anything I can do?

    I don't know. However, she will require much larger housing.
  13. Walter1

    Tegu still in hibernation- anything I can do?

    She's stuck. She needs to be shocked into activity. Her enclosure needs to be where natural light comes through and your basking light mimics it. As Rant said, ja k up the basking temo but make sure temp grades into to low-mid 80s and at other end is a moist hide in the upper 70s for this time...
  14. Walter1

    Picky Baby Tegu and Purple Tongue?!

    Collectively, tegus are garbage disposals but individually they have varying food preferences. He'll benefit from a cooler (70s F) hide on other end of enclosure. Not sure about the tongue tip.
  15. Walter1

    Louie has an owie

    Not the first clue.
  16. Walter1

    Humidity levels in larger enclosure

    To what Rant said, I advocate for a moistened hide with sphagnum or even peat moss.
  17. Walter1

    What do I do?

    Proud to know you.
  18. Walter1

    Tegu is not growing/growing really slow

    Feed him as much as he'll take in 10 min. 110f bask, low 80s F ambient, and a 70s F hide. Cime winter cool him down.
  19. Walter1

    FL Tegu Updates? Struggles?

    I advocate for responsible tegu care. First and foremost I advocate for the natural Florida legacy.