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    Blue Tegu question

    My Baraka is a lap lizard...he sleeps in my bed and eats chicken nuggets, well, thieves chicken nuggets right out of my kids hands. He sleeps with my himalayan cat when we aren't in bed. That's my definition of tame. He's great...wouldn't have him any other way.. --Beth
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    Extreme Giants.

    Ugh...I can't afford a deposit...not with Christmas coming, and two kids and 27 animals to buy for... :shock: ...here's to hoping there are some left... :cry: --Beth
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    Animals you have been attacked by??

    Honestly, I can't remember...prolly happened more often than not...especially at the pet shop...damn that nile monitor LOVED to chew on me..But my most recent, and memorable, would be my Icabod, the 8ft+ at the time albino burm. He was not feeling well, due to this damn parasitic pneumonia that...
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    Blue Tegu Research

    Right now, he is 17 months old, and I will have him for a year come Christmas time. He is paper trained for the most part, but generally I can get him to poop for me in the bathroom. He loves bathtime so he just climbs in the tub, and I run water for him. Then when his soak is done, I place...
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    Blue Tegu Research

    Well, I guess I am going to have to add to this one... I have to warn you guys, my blue tegu is free roam most all of the time. That is probably very different from many of you. Because he does not get what many people see as "proper" UV, he gets a good vitamin supplement. I made a post in...
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    Calling all Blue tegu owners!!

    Everyone knows I have one...the one and only BARAKA... I have to get some new pics of him and Samara...maybe some of him sleeping in my bed... :shock: --Beth
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    Gary Liesen/Snakeman's Snakeshop (Good)

    Unlike my experience with my other post, this experience was everything I could have asked for. Gary allowed me to make payments on my spider BP, gave me all the info and pics I asked for, shipped him promptly, with tracking numbers, and packed him beautifully. There was a problem with Fed-Ex...
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    Boo!! Hiss!!! ...you just went downhill in my book... :wink:
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    Anthony Allis/Exotics Express (BAD)

    Well, many of you in the chat rooms know my plight with these guys, but I guess I'll let the rest of you know. In July I bought a Honey Island Dwarf Reticulated Python from them. He was shipped in a bag with only shredded newspaper around him. No insulation, no cold pack in the middle of...
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    Albino Blue

    With the albino blue you are goign to have to be careful when it comes to the lighting, because even though he does need UV, it is really bad for his eyes and can easily cause damage if overexposed. I would make sure you get a good calcium supplement w/Vitamin D so that you can limit his...
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    half a brain Mike?...dunno I might have given you a third, but not a half... :P :P :P Love you guys --Beth
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    Give me some ideas

    How about a forum link between "search" and "memberlist" so we don't have to go all the way out to the home page to get to more topics... :idea: --Beth
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    Ranks on posts

    after 300 you become Tegu Loving Hermit...because then you just have no time other than to post :roll: ..HAHAHAHAHAHA Have fun people --Beth
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    ...and here we go again...

    The banana is your friend...bend to his will... HA HA HA I love the banana... --Beth
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    ...and here we go again...

    HA!!! ...I found my own...and you will all fall under his spell...MUAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! It so PEANUT BUTTA JELLY TIME!! and I had a busy weekend...give a girl a chance.. --Beth
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    ...and here we go again...

    ...I WANT MY BANANA!!! ..it's PEANUT BUTTA JELLY TIME!!! you love me and you know it...
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    ...and here we go again...

    Hello...I finally made it over here, but I am too darn tired to explain me...so Hi, have fun, and see you later.. --Beth P.S...Where is my dancin banana emoticon?!