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    Gary Liesen/Snakeman's Snakeshop (Good)

    Unlike my experience with my other post, this experience was everything I could have asked for. Gary allowed me to make payments on my spider BP, gave me all the info and pics I asked for, shipped him promptly, with tracking numbers, and packed him beautifully. There was a problem with Fed-Ex...
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    Anthony Allis/Exotics Express (BAD)

    Well, many of you in the chat rooms know my plight with these guys, but I guess I'll let the rest of you know. In July I bought a Honey Island Dwarf Reticulated Python from them. He was shipped in a bag with only shredded newspaper around him. No insulation, no cold pack in the middle of...
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    ...and here we go again...

    Hello...I finally made it over here, but I am too darn tired to explain me...so Hi, have fun, and see you later.. --Beth P.S...Where is my dancin banana emoticon?!