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    1-2 y/o tegu diet size/suggestions?

    My tegu's diet really picked up in the past couple weeks, and I don't really remember reading anything about serving sizes. Up until about a month ago, there was always a little leftover meat on his plate, or the last mouse I'd offer would take a little coercion. Now he devours everything I give...
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    Burying in the dirt

    So my tegu woke up a few weeks ago, and has been a nuisance since. I'm guessing it's his "teenage years" but who knows. His new cage has the slanted front, which he decided means to jump straight up into the plexiglass to scare the **** out of everyone in the room. He usually does this when he...
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    Ink's new 8x4x3 enclosure

    I know I posted this in my other thread, but wanted to share some better pictures. Cage is made of 3/4" plywood, sealed with Drylok Extreme and waterproof caulking. Put one thin coat all around, brushed a second thicker coat all around, then rolled a few more very thick layers along the area...
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    Moving with tegu

    Long story short, I move in two days. Just found out less than a week ago. I have a new cage being built, that will need until Friday for the Drylok to dry, and then dirt/lighting go in. I had plans to keep my tegu in a large camping tote, since he was hibernating. But this morning he decided it...
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    What lizard is this?

    Friend sent me this, and I'm curious what it is. My guess is an ameiva, but I'm by far no expert. It's definitely one of the cooler colored lizards I've seen.
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    Substrate questions

    Just randomly popped into my head, and figured I'd see what everyone has to say. I use a topsoil/playsand mixture for my substrate. I know good practice is to change it once a year, but is this necessary. My tegu exclusively goes to the bathroom in his water dish, with the occasional pee on...
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    Inks first bath

    Sorry about the blurriness. He's never really been outside his bedroom. I keep his cage humid enough and with a large water bin that he's never needed one. But I wanted some better pictures of him in natural light to show his colors. Sorry Laura, no body shots yet. He's not too fond of being...
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    Update on Ink

    Just a quick update. Moving in less than two weeks, so haven't been on much. Just learned I'm moving about a week ago, so started trying to bond with him immediately. Up until then he got very tense whenever I went near him, usually disappearing into his hide. After a few days of slowly picking...
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    Post hibernation shakes

    So my little guy(and boy do I mean little) has been up out of hibernation almost a week now. I've gotten him to eat 2 pinkies covered in egg yolk(out of an offered 6), and he's now taking some bites out of some whole ground rabbit from hare-today. I supplemented the meat with 1 tablespoon of...
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    Finally, good tegu publicity!

    Writing this in a rush, but right before leaving for work my TV was on animal planet. The show Pets 101 was on, and was talking about tegus as pets, and seemed to be very accurate. The lady with them had two(maybe more) Argentines, and they looked very healthy. All the info I heard seemed on...
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    Question to those with sand/soil substrate

    I'm having an issue keeping my sand soil mixture(approx 1-3 ratio of sand to soil) moist enough to hold a burrow. It seems to dry out fairly easy. Just about a week or two ago I noticed that almost his whole cage, aside from where his hibernation burrow is, was very dry. So I took the afternoon...
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    Question regarding hibernation.

    How long into hibernation is it okay to try and start waking up your tegu? From what I understand the best way to do this is to, in my case, turn the lights back on, and slowly bump the temps and daytime hours back up. My guy has been down for over two months, almost a full month with no lights...
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    Ink-My new B&W/Red tegu.

    Bought this little guy off Laura. He has a small scar on the top of his head, as seen in the first few pics(which are Lauras). Was scrambling to finish the last few things when he arrived. Actually was out running to get a staple gun when FedEx came, so my girlfriend got the excitement of...
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    those unwary to varnyard

    Those waiting for Varnyard to ship... Guess a mod wanted to delete the finally thread. Not sure why. But any news? Just worked 11 hours and barely got to glance at the thread.
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    Which substrate?

    I'm completely stuck on what to do for substrate. Seriously been leaving this for last minute, because I can't decide for many reasons. Looking for some input! My options I've come up with, due to what's available locally. I need about 1 cu yd(7'x4'x1') of mulch to fill my cage. Hemlock-$39...
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    8x4x29" enclosure help

    First off, this is being built for my Varnyard '12 tegu that I will be getting in June/July. I was going to buy a Boamaster 8' tall, but after checking craigslist I found a local guy that is willing to build me an enclosure to my specs for half the price. I decided on 8x4x29" because the...
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    Soon to be New Tegu Owner Questions/Concerns

    Well the time has finally come, and I am going to be a Tegu owner soon. Ive been researching monitors and tegus for about 4 months now, and finally bit the bullet. I placed my deposit with Varnyard Herps for a 2012 original B&W Tegu. Was going to go with an All American or Extreme Giant, but...