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    My tegu is about 4 months old and 14 and a half inches..is this right for a tegu of his age?
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    my tegu comes tommorow!

    yeah its happend.I am getting my red tegu!!! Im gonna name him(hopefully) Maynard. I will post pictures!
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    I have had him since April.He is a sandfire X super tangerine cross.
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    I think there is already a thread like this on here..But anyways I will ask. Who is getting a red tegu from Varnyard this spring?! I have been waiting since Novemeber 07..now its driving me insane.lol.
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    looking for a ackie

    Does not matter what color or sex...I prefer babies but if there under 2 yrs old that is ok.. If you or know someone that has one up for sale please let me know! thanks!
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    new cresties!!

    I got my cresties today!!!I have a yellow brindle dalmation male and she sent me a baby crestie along with him its sex is unown for now but it already bit me(lol). the older males name is Grin and the baby is called Valentine.. I am gonna go pick up a memory card for my camara so I can...
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    wild crawfish

    Whould it be ok to catch crawfish out of a stream,pond or creek to feed to a tegu?
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    another blue tegu

    <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://market.kingsnake.com/detail.php?cat=53&de=570939">http://market.kingsnake.com/detail.php?cat=53&de=570939</a><!-- m --> just incase y'all did not see this guy...he is pretty!
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    smuggling fijis into the US

    <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-chat/1900603/posts">http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-chat/1900603/posts</a><!-- m --> :roll: some people are so dumb.
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    Dave Brummel-Good!

    I bought 200 mixed dubias from him and every single one arrived alive and healthy..When I opened the box, one was even having babies.lol. 200 mixed dubias for 60$ shipped, plus he gave me alot of egg crates since around here they are hard to find at petstores..
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    fat tail gecko!

    this is Molasses, my best friends fat tail gecko.He is gonna be the male for my female(that im still looking for) lol. just thought I whould show him to ya'll!
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    roach nyphs

    Do I need to seprate the baby roaches from the adults???? thanks
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    pictures!!!!! *PHOTO HEAVY!*

    I will have current pictures of my iguana soon..camara is busted :p..But enjoy some random photos!lol. Magnolia, my nubian doe- Navaho, my nubian buck- A giant stick bug I caught in my barn(btw thats my dads hand,LOL)- Kiwi my green iggy when he was 1- Another pic of Kiwi-...
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    roach diet

    What can I feed my dubia roaches?
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    Guess the reptile!

    We use to do this on the iggy den forums before they closed down. This should be a easy one! I have a beard,come in many many morphs,also called the spikey looking lizard. :) If anyone else wants to post riddles please do.
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    another question

    I bought this stuff today when I whent to petsmart. Its made out of Lamb,lamb hearts,lamb kidneys,lamb lungs,ground whole flaxseed,brewers yeast,vitamin A,Vitamin D-3,calcium and vitamins. Crude protein:11.0% Crude Fat: 5.0% Cursde Fiber 4.0% moisture: 40.0% Not refridgerated until...
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    Hello everyone!Just wanted to say hi my name is, Kara.I live in Louisiana...the hurricane state.lol. Glad to see more tegu people :)