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4 month old not eating. Please help!


New Member
So we have had her for about a month. First 4 days she took a few bites here and there then nothing for about a week. Took her back to the store where stayed for 4 days. The owner watched her and she seemed fine. She also ate about 25 crickets 5 mins after I put her in the cage at the store. After not eating one cricket at my house bring her home again and still nothing. Going on week 2 now. I have offered crickets super worms raw ground turkey raw egg scramble eggs cooked chicken lettuce. Melons. Nothing. Please any ideas?! She also sleeps a lot.


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I had the same problem! I was on day ten when I went for the secret weapon, super small live pinkie mouse. He couldn’t resist. After that I moved to roaches and a few weeks later fruits.
They have extremely hard time refusing fresh thawed pinkies! Also it could not be used to your setup! Or your setup could be inadequate. How are your temps? Heat? Humidity? Uvb?


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I think every owner has a secret weapon, but has to figure out what it is. Those pinkies are hard to resist. In the U.S., you can get them at a LLL Reptile store, or online at their .com

Every change is huge to Tegus. They might be the least trusting animal on the planet. She will calm down though - eventually. Yours in particular is still figuring out where she landed and is clearly used to the store you bought her at - started eating right away. Every time you take her back to that, you'll have to start the process all over again. She hasn't been with you long enough to completely settle, which takes anywhere from 1-3 weeks for most.