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A possible shed issue?


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Hello! I have a month old blue x blue cross male yegu going through a shed. Its been around five days and only his tail has shed. Everything from the base of his tail and up is still intact. The part where it begins is lifted up a bit, but nothing much has changed. I noticed his skin on his toes are becoming lighter in color, so hopefully they will start shedding soon.

Because he is a baby, trying to bathe him can be difficult because he becomes very scared. I still try my best and usually he calms down for a couple minutes, but then proceeds to trying to climb out. Its a cycle. I can't really massage him because of this.

I worry alot about his humidity. When his lights are on, it drops down to 55-60. During the night, it rises back up to 80-90. I spray down his enclosure heavily in the morning, though it never seems to stay. I also have moss and a towel laid across the top to keep moisture in on his screen lid. His substrate is Eco-Earth and I never see it dry out. I also have a humidity shedding spray for him, but it makes him nervous whenever i spray him, even with water.

How should I keep his humidity up better? Should I be worried that his body hasnt shed yet? Thank you


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