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Anthony Allis/Exotics Express (BAD)


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Well, many of you in the chat rooms know my plight with these guys, but I guess I'll let the rest of you know.

In July I bought a Honey Island Dwarf Reticulated Python from them. He was shipped in a bag with only shredded newspaper around him. No insulation, no cold pack in the middle of July, and he was not overnighted. There was no "fragile" or "this side up" on the package. He was left on my porch in the blazing summer sun for I don't know how long because I was not given tracking numbers in order to keep an eye on him, even though I asked for them.

Well, when I opened the box, there was my skinny little retic. I fell in love right away as most pet owners do. I set him up properly and kept my eye on him for a couple days in order to get the shock of shipping to wear off before feeding. Feeding day came...wouldn't eat...I e-mailed him about this...no response.

During the days that followed, the snake became very aggressive, striking my young son in the face, striking the glass countless times, and hissing constantly. I had to use gloves to get him out of the cage to clean up a poop and he kept attempting to get me. Upon examining him, I found mites. I knew they didn't come from my animals, as they didn't have any, and he wasn't even in my reptile room yet. I treated him and put him back, all while fending off his strikes.

E-mailed him again...no answer...

By the end of the week my rotten yet beautiful retic was dead. I emailed him with a not very nice tone this time. took me days to get a response. He wanted pictures to prove it was dead...good thing I put him in the freezer cause I was gonna bury him. So I have to dig my frozen snake out and take pics of it to satisfy him. Obviously, it was dead...frosty even. So he says he is going to replace it. Fine...well, a month goes by, no word no snake...I keep emailing him, and he keeps saying that he has to get more animals, and then it will be on the way...more runaround...

He basically kept running me around till the expiration on reversing the charges through paypal came into effect. So here I am out my money, and my snake. All this time I am still emailing him about this without response.

I told him I wanted my money back and he said he would send it...yup, never got that...To make a long story short this has been 3 months of getting the run around over this. Just this week, after writing again he tells me that the money order is on the way and he will get me a tracking number...I'm not holding my breath. I have had to threaten to take him to the BOI, USPS, Kingsnake, Paypal, etc. to even get this response.

I am going to have to say BAD GUY on this one...



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Wow, that sounds like a really bad experience. I certainly won't be buying from them. :?

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