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Anybody with tribrids on here?


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Welcome. I don't, but this forum is a good place to see if someone has and to get good husbandry info.


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I'm sure someone will............. Maybe there breeder just called it something else.
I’m sure some one is bound to have one something like this guy! I’m just curious as to what he’ll look like older! He has lots of red on his head already and hoping he’ll develop more reds :)


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I do. Got him at a show. He turned 2 this month. 51 inches long and 13 pounds. Sweetest thing ever. Burnt nose like a blue. Red belly and lots of white spots.



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that's Pixel 18 months ago. They change so much so fast. He was under 12 inches when I got him. At a year he was 22 inches. This last year he almost trebled his size. Still has the sweetest temperament. He is a perfect lap dog..
Plus the thing with tribreds they can come out looking like blues,red or black and white or a mix! My favorite is when they look super white like my male