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Baby tegu hibernation

Tyler Bevers

New Member
my 4 month old male argentine black and white tegu has gone down for hibernation but I’m worried that this will make him a smaller adult. Is this true? Or will he end up the same size as if he didn’t go down for hibernation? Thank you!


New Member
My blue did the same. They will go through growth spurts and catch up eventually. It doesn't stunt their growth, they just get to full size a little slower.


New Member
Why would you think it would make it smaller? Of course not, my only worry is on of my tegus that is about a year and a half has been hibernating for two months and she was 1.8 ounces now she is 1.6, i have tried to keep her from hibernating but its her nature, im just worried about the weight loss although tiny, my two and a half ish year old tegu is still eating fine, she stopped for like 3 weeks and started again a week ago.