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back again!


New Member
5 Year Member
hey! for some reason i keep forgetting about this forum. i havent been active on any reptile forums lately. im going to try to remember to come back here more often.

hows everyone doin?! me and all my animals are doin pretty good.

Lily (firebellied toad) died recently :( . i had her for about 5 years and she was an adult when i got her. so she had a pretty full life.

Zazu (crested gecko) is 2 now. he is eating like a champ and is still friendly like always. i think i might try to breed him next year if im not too busy with collage.

Chancho is doing well too, he is still a spaz but he eats and poops on a regular basis. he just doesnt like anything moving near him.

Fluffy is doing great! nothing really new with him. he might start going in to hibernation soon.

the cats and dog are doing great too. nothing new with any of them.

i bought a car a few months ago :) its a 1996 Pontiac Grand Am.