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Brumation anxiety

Maxwell Green

New Member
Hey i am a first time tegu owner. And i think my Zeusy ( daughters take on his name). Is going to brumate soon. Zeus is a chacoan giant and is about 6months old. He is around 26" long. He spends about 23 out of 24hrs underground lately coming up about 2 times each morning for a little bit. I was reading that you want to stop feeding a tegu a week or so before brumating but it makes me so nervous. I slowed his feeding 2 weeks ago to about every 3 days since his interest did go down in food. But when he comes up as i get ready for work he seems to want food.

His burrow is in the den of the tank and his about 5 inch down into his substrate. Its around 74-76° down there. Ive been keeping the above ground warmer still with his lights as if hes awake due to being nervous. He has good weight on him; chubby tail base and all. Just do hold I strong and stop feeding every few days or give small meals? Just want to do right by him.

Thanks in advance,
Max and the Green family

Here is Zeus asking for help lol.


Well-Known Member
Little warm if the sub is in the 70s my sev went down fully sleeping under a old cat littler bin lol his enclosure stays about 60 in the basement all winter long. 70s would cause him to burn fat in his sleep. Also it does sound like he’s slowing down but not totally ready to go completely down and at those
Temps he might not go down fully at all