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Concerns with time underground

Maxwell Green

New Member
Hey i have a 4 month old chacoan B&W and it has only been 4 days now. He has been eating each morning and then basks about an hour ish after. It varies from 110 to 123 depending where he lays on the pad. But then he spends the rest of his time underground. His bed of enclosure is a coconut husk mix i bought from the reptile store intown. Has a few things added i forget what. But it is 4 - 6 inch deep depending where in tank you measure.

Im new to hatchlings. So I am just nervous about how long he is safe to be under lol. Its 83 surface temp and when i dug down in a different spot near him(not to bug him) its 73 at base of tank. He digs about 3 inchs down each day same spot lol. I am worried about a few things:

1. Digestion while at cooler temps
2. Is he pooping down there? Havent seen him poop since day 1.
3. Can he breathe ok being under so long and is he ok not to be in light for that long (uvb)
4. Is this likely what he will do while brumating or is he to young to worry about brumating.

I had a 2yr old tegu for a year when my brother went away. But it had very different habits. It brumated only half burried and never went underground.

Maxwell Green

New Member
Ok thats good to know lol but is he pooping down there? He seems quite bloated up since i got him. He had those side wrinkles at first and now he is just round like a balloon... He eats like crazy when i feed each morning wondering if this size is normal in young or is he not pooping?


Well-Known Member
It all sounds normal and like hes just settling in....I very much doubt that he'll be pooping down there as he keeps sleeping in the same spot and no animal will poop where they sleep.... Try bathing him the warm water usually gets the bowels moving but I wouldn't worry too much at this stage unless you're worried he's in pain with it.

Maxwell Green

New Member
Thank you for reply. He actually came up yesterday evening pooped in water bowl and ravaged through 2 chicken hearts lol. Im glad it is all normal; just want to make sure I do everything he needs lol.

Now to figure out a name lol. I wanted Zeus, my daughter wants Sparkles, and wife wants Kimba.


I like Zeus......all of my reptile names are normally either Greek Gods or Mortal Kombat characters lol. I have had Zeus, Hades, Ares, etc.