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Ok, I need help. First off I just want to say I don't feed our tegu crickets (not in her cage, not ever). We have crickets in our house because we have geckos. Well sometimes they escape. About a month ago I heard one in the tegu enclosure. I didn't think much about this, I figured one wandered in and would die. Yesterday I saw it in her cage, it ran under a rock. So I lifted up the rock to catch it only to discover HUNDREDS OF CRICKETS. I then started lifting up more things and they are everywhere. They are small, but I swear there is at least 1000 . I took our poor tegu (Jabba) out of the enclosure. Now I don't know what to do. I obviously have to change out all the substrate. Has anyone gone through something like this? Is there anyway to kill the crickets before I take out the dirt?


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I mean u could just let them have that cage and breed them and use as food source or you can get a giant, bin poor all the substrate into that bin have a cricket enclosure where they live in it, and then restart the cage for your tegu me I breed my own crickets and worms for my reptiles it’s very handy saves you money and it make sure that they’re more healthy than the pet stores you can either keep the crickets for other reptiles you may have or give them to someone who has reptiles and needs crickets hope this helps u can cant really get rid of them there pest lol

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