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Drylok cure time and fume dissipation


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I am almost finished building a bio active set up that I will be using for abronia and eventually young/baby tegu. I used expanding foam (carved) then two coats of drylok and coco fiber over top. Waited 24hr between coats. Am happy with the look but can’t seem to air out the enclosure enough eliminate the drylok fumes. Have had the doors open, roof off and a fan blowing inside for the past 3 days. Yesterday I thought that had done the trick so I turned fan off and shut the enclosure overnight for a trial run. Unfortunately this morning before I went to work i opened the doors and could still smell drylok fumes when I stuck my head inside. I will not introduce an animal inside the enclosure while I can still smell this. Everything I’ve read from people using drylok pretty much has them introducing the animal into the enclosure 24-48hr after everything sets. Was wondering if anyone else had similar troubles or a better technique for eliminating the fumes?


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