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First Time Tegu owner, long time admirer


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I'm Krista, I'm 22 and a college student, long time reptile keeper and enthusiast. I have a small obsession with studying the Varanus and Tupinambis genus (although I have yet to own any monitors I've had the pleasure of caring for them as a department manager over reptiles). You can't beat intelligence in a reptile!

I've been wanting to own a Tegu for literally years now and my boyfriend and I were in the Petco I used to work at and we saw the loveliest little Colombian tegu. We held her, instantly fell in love. I had an empty 40 gallon tank and all the substrate, water dishes and decor necessary for a Tegu (I've kept many different species of lizards).

We've had her for two weeks now and decided she will be a free roaming girl once she's big enough (she's in a 40 gallon right now) and gets to (supervised) explore my Tegu proofed bedroom for 2 hours a day where she enjoys doing laps around the room, sitting on laps, and using you as a ladder to get to the open screened in window to sun herself. She's extremely calm (and smart!) and other than having a lot of energy to explore is really well behaved no hissing, no tail whips or flailing about. It only took her a couple days to stop hyperventilating when we picked her up. I guess we got lucky since most people complain about how high strung Colombians are!

Here she is. Her name is Otto Von Bismark (I have a habit of naming after historical figures). I'm still constantly surprised and in love with how smart she is. She's a good problem solver, this is exactly what I wanted in a reptile!

Side Note: I keep gendering her as a girl even though she's too young to really get a good look at the cloaca to tell... and I'm not comfortable with trying to probe a squirmy baby! I plan on just waiting til s/he gets large to get a good look down there (or a good picture)....either way they develop very obvious primary sexual characteristics so we will know later on.




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Congrats. The close-up is especially sharp. What is Otto eating?


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It's all phone pics XD... Bismark is on calcium dusted crickets right now and I am trying mostly in vain to expand her diet (she's kind of a picky eater surprisingly...)