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Fl Tegu rehome to a good home


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Hello- My son will be going off to college in August. We are looking for a good home for his female black and white. She is very friendly and loves to be petted. Only good homes please as she is a sweet heart


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Where are you located? Price? Can ship? Picture? Answers will help in rehoming.


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I am located in central Fl. I would prefer not to ship as it is so hot here that I do not think it would be safe for her. She would be free but only to a caring home with plenty of room for her
Do you have pictures. Shipping isnt a issue if you add ice packs or gel packs. I would be interested but located in Tucson az and over nighting reptiles is usually super safe. I have 4 other tegus. 2 reds 2 blues. I breed all my insects, crickets, super worms and dubia roaches. I feed a very good varied diet. Chicken gizzards, chicken hearts and liver, ground turkey, fish like cod or salmon only wild caught. Because farm raised are poison to humans and reptiles alike. Plus greens, fruits and veggies mixed in rarely rats, and often whole ground quail. Also eggs often weather chicken or quail. And if cooked I always crush shells and mix in with meats raw or not
I also take my tegus outside for tard time daily in morning and at night. So they can roam my back yard which has a brick wall. So they get plenty of exercise. I own a 12 acre property. Eventually would like to turn my unused horse stalls that are in a sold cinderblock building into tegu enclosures with ac or swamp cooler and have the corral sectioned off and sealed with doggy doors so they can freely go outside for natural sun. But for now they have their own room attached which is a building attached to my garage. With ac. And spacious hand made enclosures
My female pure blue 100% het albino is such a sweet heart as well and spends alot of time with me outside or inside relaxing with me on off days. I set her up with a heated blanket cuz my house is set to low 70s and with out her blanket she gets cold. But she loves attention she will go play outside dig and always comes back up to me and climbs up my chair to sit on my lap for petting and cuddles!


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Hello Dylan. I apologize I have not been on the site for a while. She has never been around other tegus. Could you send us pictures of the enclosures? You can text them to m son at 727-503-2372. Thank You