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Food aggression

Luke Whitelaw

New Member
I've had my new gu for a month now and he's very calm and tame when I handle him. I always take him out of his cage for food we have this routine and he always runs up my hand when I put it in his cage and I take him out and put him in a bin and feed him. Recently he's been like darting at the food very aggressively and mistook my finger for a mouse wich he has never done before. I would love some help or advice on how to fix this. Thank you


New Member
I went through the same thing with my red reptar ... honestly it is just a waiting game ... you have to establish that they have a food dish... after that they will figure out that their food is in the dish not in your hand ... when feeding mice continue to use the feeding tub but make sure the mouse is already in the tub before placing the tegu there so they don't recognize your hand coming down as their food falling from the sky.

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