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Gary Liesen/Snakeman's Snakeshop (Good)


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Unlike my experience with my other post, this experience was everything I could have asked for. Gary allowed me to make payments on my spider BP, gave me all the info and pics I asked for, shipped him promptly, with tracking numbers, and packed him beautifully. There was a problem with Fed-Ex, but that was certainly no problem of his. When my snake didn't arrive at my home by 10:30, he was on the phone trying to find it for me, and kept in close contact with me the entire time in order to make sure my snake was safe.

My snake is wonderful. He has amazing patterns and eats like a machine like clockwork. Actually, he has started to really grow and is now actually demanding food more often. I have never met a BP that is such and eager and reliable feeder.

In short, I would highly recommend him to anyone, and I hope to do business with him again in the spring when his new babies are ready.

Gary Liesen=GOOD GUY


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