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Gecko of some sort


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I saw this gecko a while back at an expo that I thought was pretty cool. I have been trying to find the species. Similar in shape to leopard geckos. They didn't have a name for it at the booth except for the scientific name which is why I cant remember what it is. The thing that caught my eye about them is that they had their tails almost straight up and waving back and forth kinda cobra like. I don't know if this is something several species do or unique. They had a similar coloration to panther/ocelot geckos minus the pale stripe down the back. I cant find any pics so far on young panthers, so they could quite possibly be what I'm looking for. Doesn't seem to be very many care sheets on them either and the ones I have read don't say anything about behavior except that the males can be a little breeding crazy(will breed it's mate to death if only kept with one female). Anyone have any experience with them or possibly know of another gecko that is similar looking? Also any info on the tail movement would be appreciated.


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Pictus geckos are great aka panther geckos or madagascar fat head geckos, but are not really known for tail wagging behavior, at lest not in the four groups i use to have. Yes the males are breeding crazy, i would keep a male with a group of three fmales (1.4) and remove him for months at a time to give the poor girls a brake.

Some other geckos that come to mind are the frog eyed gecko, often shakes it tail to mimic a rattler like noise in the sand.

Scorpion Geckos, gets its name from curling its tail over its head, back in 2005 it was on the cover to reptiles and got a lot of publicity but they have kinda fell to the way side.

helemeted geckos look simliar to what you are discribing but do not wag their tail.


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My brother says he remembers the breeder saying they do the tail movement just while hunting. He also said that it had spots and was a medium brown in color. I'm colorblind so that doesn't really help me.


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Saw this video, so I guess maybe it's just a gecko aggression thing. It wasn't exactly like this but close. The one I saw had it's tail straight up and down but otherwise the motion was the same. There wasn't any food or other inhabitants in his cage but I guess he could have been showing his aggravation at everyone looking in at him.