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Gravy wet dog food with duck and green beans safe for B&W tegu?


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Hey so I have been having trouble getting my gu to poop and I heard that he might be dehydrated (even though he has a Giant water bowl), so I was wondering if duck is safe to eat along with the gravy part because I know the green beans are safe because I have fed her green beans before. I also heard wet dog food helps with the bowel problems and I have been using mineral oil too but I also think she burys her poops like a silly goose.


The trick as far as what is and isn't safe usually isn't a general category, such as dog food, instead, it's the individual brand and often the specific type of food.

Look at the ingredients and compare them to do and don't food lists to make sure that the fillers and other chemicals in the dog food isn't a problem.

Getting enough fruit and vegetables into the diet might be the solution - if your tegu is ignoring his salad then get one of those Ninja bullet blenders - the $20-30 one - and then make tegu pate so that the meat, eggs, fruits and veggies are all ground together and the tegu can't cherry pick.


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Chances are - if your Tegu's tongue is pink, he's drinking. As they get dehydrated, they slowly lose the color of their tongue. This happened to my Tegu and I'm glad I know what to watch for now. It's an obvious sign that they're not drinking at all. That said, I don't know a Tegu to just up and stop drinking. They are going to do that if there is some other mitigating factor that causes them to become sick and stop eating/drinking. One of the reasons (as was in my Tegu's case) was that he became impacted. He was straining with no results and had to get cleaned out.

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