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Hey everyone! First post here. My male red Argentine tegu Asmodeus or Asmo for short is 1yr 8 months old. He has always been hissy and huffy when I go to grab him, but lately he's been striking at me behind the windows of his PVC enclosure. I can't come near him otherwise he will attack. He has never usually been this bad. I was wondering if this is just a growing thing? When I feed him I use a yellow sign to indicate it's feeding time and he is responsive to that. But he still trys to bite me and like follows my hand attacking the window when I sit in front of his enclosure. We haven't had any notable negative experiences used to hold him a couple of times a week before we moved and ever since he's been like this. We moved a month ago for reference. Is there anything I can do to work with him without getting bit?

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