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Have to wake baby tegu up temporarily from hibernation?


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I have a 8-month old Argentine B&W who's been hibernating for a little more than two months at this point. I'm traveling for a month, and I can't ask anyone to periodically stop in to check if the little one's woken up for any reason, but I don't want to just leave it there for a month and hope that it doesn't wake up, even if most tegus don't wake up until at least February if not later. I wanted to transport it to a friend's house (this is just a long drive), but this obviously requires handling the animal to put it in a container (and doing the same on the return), so will my tegu return to hibernation once it gets put in a more permanent tank where it can burrow again or will it stay up for the rest of the year?


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If it has access to water and a place bask, you can leave it alone. Bewildered as they are when they're forced to wake up, I believe they're best left alone more than bothered. If it's cool end where it sleeps is mid 70s or less, I would ask a friend to check it at the two-week mark.

Even if it wakes up for good sometime after you leave, they never wake up famished. Takes +/- a week for them to want to eat again.

Your decision only. These are my thoughts.

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