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Kinber Roberts

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I'm very new to the reptile world. A few months ago I went to my first expo and fell in love with a black and white tegu. So for the last 6 weeks my significant other and I have been building an enclosure. There is a show tomorrow here in OKC and Repticon and next weekend!!!! Between both events I'm hoping to find a new baby for our home.
Open to any beginner tips!



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Hey congratulations!! Let us know how it goes. If you're new - you'll have a lot to learn, but it's fun and can be exhilarating! I was new about a year and a half ago - but am feeling pretty solid after really taking in the info and experiences offered on this site. Lots of good people here that love these animals and are very devoted to them.


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Folks her'll want you to do well. Lots of good info.

Wow, Debita 1.5 yrs. How time flies!