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Here she is!


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Awesome photos and congrats on the new addition to your family!
Don't expect her to have a ravenous appetite already. Test the waters and she how she takes to the first feeding. You may have to ease her into the new surroundings/enclosure but the fact that she's already active is a good sign, I'd say.


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Thanks Josh, she's great. She's burrowing under the waterdish today and i guess she'll be staying there for a while to calm down, been traveling for a few days so she needs the rest. The good thing is that she seems really friendly and not afraid of people at all.


Looking great, I like the enclosure too! My hatchling didnt eat for about a week after I received him, it definitly is a stressful time for the youngins but once they really start eating Watch out! They are eating machines lol good luck!!


Yeah she looks awesome i would give her about a week to calm down and then eat mine wouldn't eat for a week


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Thanks! She's eaten some egg, strawberrys and ground chicken but not so much. She seems really tired, i guess she's tired from all the traveling, so the appetite is not that high, but hopefully in a weeks or so she'll be more active and hungry. I bought 300 adult Dubias the other day and i got tons of chicken and snails in the freezer so im ready for the little monsters appetite :)

One question, when they are in some kind of brumation, do they move slowly? My tegu seems just fine but moves really slow, the only time she moves fast is when im changing the water or taking in and out the food. (She's a bit scared of me when i change water or putting the food in the terrarium, gonna feed her outside the cage when she's calmer, don't want to stress her by handling her the first week)