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Hibernation or something else?


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Hi guys,

I've acquired my Black and White Argentine Tegu on December 24th. He's about 23 inches and weights between 600-700 grams. He had been eating alright a couple of days then I've noticed he decreased his eating habits after I've gave him a single boiled egg with the shell. The little guy loves it but since then, he refuses about anything I give to him except Hornworms.

He doesn't want fruits/vegetables, nor anything related to meat, not even mice.

Usually he would come out when the lights are on to bask and search for food but last week, he never went out and I didn't even seen him for the full day. Even when I came back from work, he still was deeply burried in his substrate. The only thing that tells me he went out a little was that there was substrate in his water pool and that he also pooped in.

I suspected hibernation, so I didn't feed him the full rest of the week. But today when I woke up, he was on top of his basking spot, taking heat. I went to see him and noticed he had lost weight a little. He seemed hungry as well. So I gave him another egg (because it was the only thing I could give him right now since every meat is in the freezer and I need 24 hours to unfreeze it).

He jumped on the egg and devoured it, along with one hornworm (I had fresh big ones that I give my Meller chameleon). So I thought he was super hungry but then... nope. He's still out and explores but doesn't want any meat nor fruits/vegetables once more. If I put a mouse at distance for him, he just closes his eyes, as if scared. I find it strange, he's not even nervous and doesn't hiss either.

Is this a sign that he is about to go for brumation or that a single egg completely makes him feel full for a bunch of days? Or that he's been difficult maybe and only want eggs? Maybe stress?

I'm kinda lost there. I work in a petshop and bought him there. The first months I took care of him he would eat anything we give him. Crickets, mice, worms of any sort, snails, fruits, vegetables, etc.

Now, just an egg. I fear it is not enough to feed him.

What should I do? =/


Honestly sounds like hibernation. To me. I've had my tegu since September and he's eaten maybe 5 roaches. Part of a raw egg. 2 hornworms, a hand full of crickets and that's like it. He will sleep for a few days and then come out to bask. They're silly little critters if you ask me


As long as his tail doesn't look crazy skinny, he should be okay. They naturally eat a lot less in the winter


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Sounds like seasonal slowdown/ brumation to me, too.

Some shut down entirely, others hardly at all, and lots somewhere in between like yours and Jessica's.

As Jessica said, watch the tail. I add thighs and hip bones. Should remain plump. Shouldn't get thin over winter.

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