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How to bond with my red tegu?

Kara Marie

New Member
How do I get my tegu to be comfortable with me? I got her a few months ago, she is a year and a couple months. She hisses at me when I pet her and always tries to get away from me when I take her out of her tank


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Prescott, AZ
She's prob in the middle of puberty - that's the same age I got my male at. It's a difficult time because it's hormonal changes coupled with being in a new home aren't easy for the animal to cope with. He's trying to adjust to bodily changes and you have to have a lot of patience while he copes with the natural process that causes anxiety and aggression to many sweet and not-so-agressive Tegus. Lots of members here are shocked when their normally well-adjusted animal starts acting anything but.

You have a little tougher situation because you're getting yours in the middle of the puberty process, and never had the benefit of adjusting before it's onset. I can totally empathize with you - it might take awhile before puberty passes - but it's worth the patience and time you put in. I wouldn't force yourself on him, but going back every day to check his process is good. Don't leave him alone, but don't force him to comply either. Slow and steady gets the best response. Let us know how it goes! Good luck

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