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How to introduce my 10 month old to my cats and dogs


New Member
How do I introduce my tegu to my dog and cats. The dogs and cats have gone nose to nose with the tegu through the glass. They think the tegu is the best tv station ever. They sit in front of his enclosure and watch him all the time. The tegu seems to watch them at times too. Any help will be appreciated.


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I'm curious to hear the answers to this question too!! I have 3 big dogs and 2 fat cats that need proper introductions!!


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Well, for what it's worth, mine live separate lives from our dogs.


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Interesting.... neither of my cats were interested at all in watching the tegu in his cage. I haven't socialized them, but had Foley on the sofa one time and the cat came over, looked at him, and walked away....


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Personally I think only you can answer that upon seeing their behaviours...

If they are used to each other through the glass though its a great sign