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Increasing Appetite


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My Ã?¢ââ??¬Ã?Å?08 Varnyard female B&W Tegu live in a cage that is kept outdoorsÃ?¢ââ??¬Ã?¦

IÃ?¢ââ??‰â??¢ve noticed in the last week or two sheÃ?¢ââ??‰â??¢s been eating more than normal. As she is still a growing girl I give her pretty much as much as sheÃ?¢ââ??‰â??¢ll eat per day.

Naturally as she gets bigger, she eats more... but this recent jump in food intake seems inconistent with her gradual increase in size.

I wonder if this is because her biological clock understands itÃ?¢ââ??‰â??¢s past the halfway point in the summer and she is Ã?¢ââ??¬Ã?Å?fattening herself upÃ?¢ââ??‰â??¢ for hibernation.

SheÃ?¢ââ??‰â??¢s showing no other signs of preparing for hibernation such as sleeping in late, going to bed early or being in any way sluggish. Our upper 80 to low 90 mid day highs have been supplying her with a lot of direct sunlight she appears to thoroughly enjoy.

Is it common for Tegus who live outside to increase their food intake later in the summer?

I just love watching their habits and trying to better understand them :D