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Introduction and curious about behavior.


New Member
Hello, my name is Kristopher.

After much research my girlfriend and i bought an Argentine black and white from a pet store. They told us he was wild caught but we unsure from where. Also was told he was under 6 months old but he was already pretty big. We brought him home and named him Tig. He spent a bit of time in a 40 gallon tank but we soon after built him a 4ft x 4ft x 8ft cage. While in his 40 gallon we did a bit of tong feeding. One day he approached my girlfriend with his mouth open but was doing it very slowly. It freaked her out a bit.
We have been sitting on the edge of the cage lately and he did this again.
Girlfriend was interacting with him (can't hold him yet and he is maybe 8 months old max) and he started running around his cage. Climbing on limbs, running around and being very active. Not scared. Not being huffy or puffy or anything. My girlfriend described it "as showing off" for her. The next day he approached her. She sat there calm talking to him. He then did it again. Slowly opened his mouth by her hand. Of course she removed it not wanting to be bit. My first question is... What the hell is that? Lol is he testing her? Looking for food? He hasn't tried to bite other than that. It's usually after work that we interact with him like this (talking with him and sitting on the edge of the cage.) But, my girlfriend is the manager of a pizza place and I'm sure she smells wonderful to him when she comes home lol. She has been washing her hands before interacting with him though. (We also have 4 snakes so we know how that works) he has approached a few times. Smells us and just walks away.
He has however charged at us a couple times as well. But we can't tell if he is excited or angry. And he stood before he gets to you. No mouth open or any warning signs before. And food was involved. I just figured he was hungry and excited for pinkies or a piece of uncooked hotdog as a treat lol. We have more questions we haven't found answers to but this will be good to start with.



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Well. He hasn't done it for a while now. Actually got to hold him (under protest) the other day and he didn't try it again. Didn't even try to bite. So that was good lol