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Is my setup up to par? asking for a friend (the friend is me)


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hi everyone I’m new here and a Soon to be first time tegu owner. I hope to get my argentine black and white by the end of next week but right now I’m currently in the middle of making sure everything is okay with the enclosure and the lighting.I have a solar glow 125W exo terra bulb I’m contemplating weather to get a ceramic heater or not I've heard people say they don’t need it while others say they do but seeing as I’m in Canada and it gets cold in winter I’ll pick one up just in case,I’m not sure what wattage to get it for a tank that’s 2 feet in depth,4 feet in length and a foot and a half in width. I tested the solar glow on the basking spot and though it did provide heat I was surprised of how mild the heat was, is this normal or should I bring the light closer to the basking spot or get a different wattage bulb?



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I know this post is old, not sure why no one has replied, but I have nothing better to do so here we go.

Idk what the solar glo is but you need a murcury vapor bulb. Maybe that's exo-terra's brand name for it idk, I use megaray.

You also need at least one more fixture for a par38 flood light. Remember once the substrate is added the basking spot will be closer to the lights. You want to reach the right temp while spreading the heat out so it doesn't burn them, also keeping in mind the minimum distance a UVB bulb has to be for best performance. It's a balancing act you will have to figure out for yourself as everyone's home is different.

This is a temp enclosure for a baby, correct?