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Is my Tegu Brumation should I be worried? (New 5 month old Tegu)


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Hello to everyone!

I recently took a step in to the wonderful world of tegu keeping. I bought a Blue Tegu as it doesn't grow as big as the other localities, had it shipped to a Fedex hub and picked it up from there.

For his husbandry I have a 14% Arcadia UVB bulb. His basking spot is 125F. His warm side is about 88F and the cooler side is about 78F. I use Scotts Premium Topsoil for the substrate made sure there was not fertilizer or any harmful chemicals. I also baked it to sanitize it.

He is about 5 months old Hatched August 23. His first day I didnt have any hides as I didn't want him to hide (this might have been a mistake). He was very skittish but for hours I was slowly inching closer and closer to him. He also ate this first day has some ground turkey. His second day I was able to pick him up if I went slow and gentle. He never shows any aggression. He ate noticeably less his second day though which worried me. On his third day he did not eat at all. For the past few days I just see him basking falling asleep. On his fourth day I added a hide. I probably should have has this in when I first got him but I read somewhere to use your shirt as a hide so he trust you. As soon as I put the hide in he started using it right away. Now he's asleep in the middle of the day and hasn't eaten in two days. I know im probably being paranoid but am I doing anything wrong? He's a great tegu a little skittish but I've gotten to hold him a couple times with patience. It seems as soon as I get him out of the enclosure he's a totally different tegu not skittish at all. Now im afraid he's sick or going in to brumation at such an early age.

Thank you for your time!

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