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Looking to buy adult tegus friendly

I'm looking to get a few more adult tegu pairs. That are friendly please. I currently have a pure blue 100%het albino female, 100% het blue ice male and red female and high white male. Looking for all kinds and bw


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TegusOnly has large selection, Laura Roberts at your tegu is awesome, underground reptiles has a lot, an you may find several here also,
Underground is mostly wild caught from what I understand, seen a lot of horror stories from people buying from them. Namely on r/reptiles saw a severely malnourished uromastyx.
Hey Dylan i have a purple tegu 100% het albino 1 1/2 years old let me know
I'm interested in your purple tegu is it male or female it would make a perfect make for my 100% get pure blue female or my 100% het ice tegu male. They currently are living together


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she is female and really tame just a little shy and loves to hide. i have her in a 7 by 4 by 3 foot enclosure with a lot of soil. she loves to dig! seems like a good match 2 fems for 1 male


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Moneys been tough since my hours have been cut due to lower business.
Why make post offering to buy tegus from people if you tell people you're not looking to spend much money on buying them? Also why acquire more tegus if your money is tight when their care costs are generally not very low? Also on other threads you try to convince people to give you their tegus for free despite saying you intend to breed and profit off them. Strikes me as a get-rich-quick scheme, or at the very least an attempt to swindle people into handing over their tegus for cheap / feeling guilty for asking for money for their animals. No point in making posts saying you want to buy tegus and then later saying you don't want to buy the animal, only acquire it. At least be honest with the intentions