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lucky guy from oklahoma. new reptile


Hey guys. Just wanted to share my bit of good luck. I have been looking for a red tail boa for the last few months. Mainly trying to talk my girlfriend into letting me buy one but she didn't want me buying a snake. Basically if I caught a snake then maybe. Today we were lounging around watching some netflix when I got a knock at my door. To my surprise my brother in law who works for my town was there. I was wondering if I forgot to pay my water bill. First thing he says is "hey would you like a python? I got a call about one in a tree 3 houses down from you" I said sure I will be right down. I arrive at the house and look in the tree and to my pleasant surprise it is a 3 foot red tail boa. I said oh wow, I have been wanting one for a while. The owner of the snake shows up at about that time and says "hey you found my snake. Hes been missing for 2 months. I thought my dog ate him." I was bummed but I said I will get it down for you. After getting the boa down I told her I thought I lucked out for a minute. I have been wanting a red tail for a while. To my surprise she said "I was just going to give him away, do you want him?" So that's my really cool story of my new baby red tail. I'm happier than flies in crap right now. I will get pics posted tomorrow.


As promised. I call him doc holiday because he has doc holidays mustache and beard.


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