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Maintaining humidity?


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I have a 1 1/2 - 2 month old tegu. She’s currently in a 40 gal frontal opening enclosure. I’ve been watching alot of videos from this guy on youtube called rose city reptiles, he basically has a tegu farm. I made the substrate he uses for his. Which is a 1:1:1 ratio of top soil, sand, and peat moss. I’m still having a hard time maintaining humidity. It’s fine for a little if I mist the enclosure good, but is usually drops back down in a range I don’t want it at. I’ve read you don’t really want to mist the enclosure again until the substrate is dry.

Heres a picture of our tank. Thank you


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My somewhat unconventional solution here in AZ where the RH runs 10-15% for months is to keep my tegu in a horse trough with about a foot of cypress mulch at the deep end. Heavy slate is placed over that and the tegu digs a burrow under it. Dumping water in a couple times a month keeps the burrow a bit damp and that's where the tegu is about 15 hours a day. The bottom two inches is soggy, above that it is just moist. The mercury vapor bulb creates a hot spot on top of the slate so the tegu can be a bit damp or totally dry. I have a red bulb for at night in the winter though the slate will hold heat through the night.

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