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Meet Rueben!


New Member
Rueben is my 4/5month old black and white Argentine Tegu. I got him last Friday and I’ve already had to move him to a larger enclosure. I’ll post photos (I’ll try to do chronologically but I am on mobile)
I moved him into his new enclosure today and he has already dug up a bunch! Covering his basking rocks and creating what looks to be a mote. I don’t have many photos of the new enclosure except for the size comparison photo and his close up face photo.
More photos to come!
[C1CE733D-C841-450E-969B-CDC918252DA4.jpeg 42080EAF-1212-4048-AA9C-8A9637DBA22A.jpeg 0DEC855F-F86C-4816-B55F-4F8105097E9F.jpeg 9CBB5B3A-EEDF-45CC-B2E1-416AEE83688E.jpeg C5FE0CF0-67A7-4AE6-9E8D-9A35C0E506C3.jpeg EF801393-B9EB-406B-8CC7-8960E0EECE45.jpeg 989E1AFC-169B-4074-AB6F-D9F0FAF930CD.jpeg 7C66B4DB-7B3E-45B4-9CA6-1B681A2AF31F.jpeg B3FBE19D-B829-49F4-B85F-8553A6E7506B.jpeg The enclosures photographed are not his permanent one(s) they are just temporary while we build his adult enclosure]


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I don't think so, but could be. I didn't ask the guy many questions. I still have his contact if I have any really important questions about him.


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What a cutie! They do love their digging and hiding. Congratulations - you'll be surprised at the bonding that will happen. Couldn't tell what you were feeding, but don't forget the thawed out pinkies! Hard for them to resist.