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Need some advice

Biffy Pyro

New Member
Hi guys

I've got a new 6'x2'x2' viv arriving for my tegu and I need some advice on heating.

I've got a fancy digital pulse proportional stat, it has 4 different time zones, and you can program 2 separate heat sources. I also know I'm going for ceramics as they're more reliable and more energy efficient than regular bulbs. My question is, if I'm going for a big hot end heat source (I'm thinking I'll need a 250w) won't it be too cool in the cool end for the nighttime drop? If so should I also install a secondary 50w ceramic in the middle to even out the heat for the night? (the 250w would turn off and the 50w would be the only heat source for the night)


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Doesn’t matter how you do it, but for an Argentine B&W, you need 8’ long. A badking temp of 110-115F, a middle area of somewhere in the 80sF, followed by a hise of mid-upper 70s F. A gradient!

This advice, again, is for an Argentine. I hope that this helps.

Biffy Pyro

New Member
yeah I've got all that I've had her for 6 months now and the 6ft is a growing viv and when she outgrows that she'll be given an 8'. It was more a specific question on how to achieve a decent even ambient night drop.

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