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Hello! Myself and partner have had our four month old female black & white for just over a week now… she’s doing well as far as I’m aware! Nice and active when she’s up! Eating two pinkies or fluffs a day… I’ve only got here to eat fruit once (the day we got her home) since then she turns her nose up at everything else! Omnigold (pet shop recommended) she will not even look at… turkey mince is a no go too!! As it’s whole prey is she ok just eating this?? I don’t mind but I don’t know if it’s necessary when they are young to have a mixed diet or not to worry for now! Searched a million times and get mixed reactions…. Same goes as handling… since we have had her we have not picked her up… she is in a huge space with lots of hides etc… she will allow us to place a hand near her… touch her… sometimes she raises her back and twice she has “rattlesnaked” her tail… both times we have backed off as read we need to do it all very slowly…. Again some things are conflicting!! Pet shop owner said you may not hold her for three weeks or two years… myself & partner kind of agreed we don’t want to wait until she’s massive to be testing that theory so started out slowly now! Any advice on anything related to this would be great!! Thanks all!


I could never get veggies into mine until I tried ReptiLinks which they love. Those things are expensive though. They seemed to up the growth rate some. I was doing rodents and kingworms up until then with vitamin/calcium dust on the kingworms. Lots of folk use ground turkey as a base to add things. My two never ate that. I still have a pound of it in my freezer after 8 months.
Mine never wanted to be handled when they were little but now that they're bigger they at least tolerate it without much fuss. The female attacks bare toes which I hope she'll grow out of as I like to walk aroud the house barefoot.

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